Bioplastics market strategy consulting: iearthfriendly  provides a full range of sustainable packaging and hospitality products made from renewable and natural ingredients that are fully compostable, From Bio ziplockbags,  coffee cups to Bio plastic bags or straws—and everything in between

Customer finished product: make the greenest choice for your business. work with us to design and manufacture customized bio-plastic products. We can help! From Bio plastic drink bottles to Bio plastic bags or straws—and everything in between. Make the eco-friendly choice that your customers will thank you for. Contact us today about the many customised products we can help you to develop that won’t compromise our earth.

Organizational Culture: From Your company you can contribute by making and creating beliefs, customs, values, attitudes, traditions that focuses on cleaner production, waste reduction, green economy, the measured use of water, efficiency in printing, electricity and the behavioral change of your employees.


Remember!, that those are the people, who display behavior outside of your company, so with this environmentally friendly behaviour you also help in the good habits that they create in their families